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8 Of The Cringiest Canadian Clichés On This Season's 'Bachelor In Paradise'

That loon call between commercials was 👌.

Toronto Senior Staff Writer
8 Of The Cringiest Canadian Clichés On This Season's 'Bachelor In Paradise'

The inaugural season of Bachelor In Paradise Canadamay have come to an end, but these wonderfully cringey Canadian clichés will live in our hearts forever.

It wouldn't be Canada without lots of plaid, raccoon visits, and even cowboys, and here's a look back at some of the most memorable, most Canadian moments that happened at Northern Ontario's Camp Paradise.

The loon call between commercials

What better way to let Canadians know that it's time for a commercial break than with a good old loon call? The sound of crunching maple leaves probably would've worked too, but the loon call did set the summer camp vibe.

The typical Canadian decor

Are you even in Canada if you're not surrounded by plaid? From checkered pillows to plaid, moose, and beaver floaties, there was no mistaking which country this show took place in.

Citytv | Handout

The bugs!

It's not a summer getaway without bugs, and Camp Paradise was no exception. From spiders in the cabins to mosquitos everywhere, Canadians can all relate to the constant need to douse yourself in insect repellent.

Everything about Joey

Joey, also known as the "speedo-wearing cowboy" from Alberta, stole the spotlight as soon as he set foot in Paradise sporting his iconic pink, very revealing bathing suit. With his cowboy attire and country-boy charm, Joey is probably one of the most Canadian parts of the whole show.

Citytv | Handout

The classic "Canadians are nice"

New Yorkers Kamil and Illeana wasted no time in commenting on the classic "nice Canadian" stereotype.

"They are really nice, you guys are so sweet and polite," Kamil said in episode one. "New Yorkers are like sharks."

The themed dates

Hockey and wood-chopping may not scream romance, but they're enough to steal any Canadian's heart. Contestants enjoyed these activities together at Camp Paradise, as well as dancing to "Canadian Summer" by Dean Brody.

Citytv | Handout

The land of maple syrup & bacon

The show even gave a nod to some of Canada's favourite dishes: maple syrup and bacon.

"I heard you guys got great maple syrup," one voice-over proclaimed in episode one.

In the same episode, Illeana added, "I am ready for some Canadian bacon."

The raccoon walking in like it owned the place

Where there are bonfires and food, there are usually raccoons. One little critter joined some contestants one night for a snack, leaving them wondering if they "should panic".

Another scuttled across the roof during an interview.

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