'Bachelor In Paradise Canada' Host Sharleen Joynt Shares Her Favourite Ottawa Restaurants

She hinted at what you can expect in season 2.

Sharleen Joynt. Right: Ottawa, Ontario.
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Sharleen Joynt. Right: Ottawa, Ontario.

Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 premieres on May 8, 2023 and you can watch the cast of hopeful singles attempt to find love in an all-new location.

This year, the show is hosted by Ottawa native Sharleen Joynt who you may recognize from Season 18 of The Bachelor U.S. with Juan Pablo. Since her Bachelor debut, Joynt has worked as a Bachelor franchise recapper for FLARE magazine and now hosts a relationship advice podcast called Dear Shandy with her husband Andy.

Though she currently resides in New York City, Joynt reminisced about her favourite dining spots in Ottawa during a recent interview with Narcity.

"So I'm not great about this, I'm going to be honest," Joynt admitted, "but I always try and go to Supply & Demand when I'm in town, and Gezellig I really love too."

"I'm just such a sucker for a baked good," she added. "Art Is In, oh my god, they have this sticky bun that is just... I'm already dreaming about it, I'm going to Ottawa in a few weeks and I'm already thinking about this sticky bun."

Joynt also gave a little hint at what viewers can expect for the upcoming season.

"This season is like the 2.0, for real. It's not just season 2, it's also Bachelor in Paradise Canada 2.0," she said.

"The location is more glitzy, huge personalities in the cast, and, like I said, a ton of action. The dates are next-level, it's just taking it to another level and I'm glad that happens because it really does this cast justice to have [...] really glamorous dates and [a] gorgeous location. It feels like a step up."

Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise Canada features some fresh as well as some familiar faces along with Kevin Wendt returning as bartender. You can tune in Mondays at 8 p.m. on Citytv to watch the drama and search for love unfold.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Madeline Forsyth
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