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Bachelor In Paradise Was Filmed In Ontario & Fans Think They've Discovered Where (PHOTOS)

Bachelor In Paradise Canada officially kicked off on October 10, and viewers got a first look into Camp Paradise where the singles spent their time. But where exactly is this idyllic spot?

The show was filmed at a lakeside summer camp in Northern Ontario, but the exact location has not been revealed.

Citytv | Handout

However, fans on Reddit believe the location to be Camp Wahanowin, a wilderness getaway in Orillia. Judging by the photos, they might just be onto something.

Citytv | Handout

The summer camp features the same white trim, red door cabins seen on Bachelor in Paradise Canada.

It also has a strikingly similar waterpark, volleyball court and trapeze.

Situated on the waters of Lake Couchiching, the camp boasts sandy beaches and a long stretch of waterfront just like Camp Paradise.

While it does share resemblances, neither Bachelor in Paradise Canada nor Camp Wahanowin would confirm that this is the actual filming location. So fans will just have to keep their eyes peeled for future clues in the show to see if their suspicions were correct.

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