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4 Ways 'Bachelor In Paradise Canada' Is Going To Be Different & So Canadian (VIDEO)

Cowboys, Canadian bacon, and cottage country here we come!

4 Ways ‘Bachelor In Paradise Canada’ Is Going To Be Different & So Canadian (VIDEO)

Canada is getting its very own version of Bachelor In Paradise and it's going to be maple syrup, cowboy-loving Canadian.

The show features a summer of spicy romance and tea-spilling drama between 26 Canadian and American singles at Camp Paradise in northern Ontario, according to host Jesse Jones.

Narcity got to chat with Bachelor in Paradise Canada (BIPC) host Jesse Jones and Camp Paradise bartender and Bachelor alumni Kevin Wendt about what makes this season so darn Canadian.

The season premieres this Sunday, October 10 at 8 p.m. on Citytv with a two-hour episode.

It's Camp Paradise, not Mexico

Unlike other seasons in the Bachelor franchise, contestants won't be frolicking on a sandy beach in Mexico. They'll be getting a taste of a true Canadian getaway in northern Ontario– cottage style.

"We're nestled against the lake. It's Camp Paradise. It's really that cottage experience that we all know so well. It's beautifully, beautifully Canadian," Jones told Narcity.

Wendt told Narcity, "American cast members that we had on the beach they were like, 'I love Canada.' They were like, 'This is incredible, this is not going down to Mexico and sweating on a beach and trying to navigate through all the drama, this was [coming] to Camp Paradise.'"

Maple syrup & Canadian bacon

Wendt says the show is so Canadian that "there's probably maple syrup somewhere behind the bar," and given the fact he's the camp's resident bartender, it's safe to say he knows what he's talking about.

Along with finding love, Jones says trying Canadian food is also on the contestants' minds.

"I know some of the cast were looking for Canadian bacon, those who were coming in from outside of Canada [they said], 'I hear there's Canadian bacon here,' so that's an exciting part of it too," he said.

Cowboys & Torontonians

Canadians will be happy to hear that cowboys and city folk alike will both be represented in BIPC.

This season 12 Canadian and American Bachelor alumni will return to the show, and for the first time in Bachelor history, according to a press release, 14 Canadian fans will be joining the cast, which means it will be predominantly Canadian.

Coincidently Wendt says the most Candian thing about the shows is the people.

"Definitely first and foremost the people. If you want a cowboy from Alberta, you got it. If you want a very proud Torontonian like lots of us are, you got a few of those on there. I feel like we're well represented from our country in every way."

Country support​

"I feel like there will be many seasons. I feel it's going to do really, really well. We took all the best parts from America's franchise, we took the roses, we took the one-on-one dates, we took all the fun parts that fans love to watch, but we put our Canadian twist on it. And it's not just a Canadian twist, it's all Canadian," said Wendt.

From the people to the location, everything in BIPC is Canadian, and Jones says they can see a "presence" of support across the country.

"What I've seen even in the buildup is how all those markets are getting behind their people and promoting it locally. So there's a celebration across the country in these regional markets of the people that are representing their town or city on the show, and that's a beautiful thing too that we can all come together around."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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