If you're looking for love, you're in luck because there's an entire reality T.V. franchise dedicated to exactly that. The Bachelor in Paradise Canada application process has officially begun and everyone is invited to throw their names in the hat. 

The show, normally dedicated to watching several former contestants from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette explore relationships with one another in a beautiful, tropical location, is opening up for everyone to join.

Now all Canadian fans can apply for Bachelor in Paradise Canada and while the experience sounds amazing, the application process is hefty. Here's what it entails. 

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First off, introduce yourself!

The very first thing you'll do is verify your age by entering your date of birth, presumably to determine that you're a legal adult.

Next, you'll fill out your name, contact info, location, occupation, height, and if you have any kids or not.

That's all they need to know in terms of basic information, and then they dive right into the nitty-gritty romantic stuff.

Get romantic

Now it's time to get real open and honest about why you're applying.

You'll be asked what you're looking for in a relationship, if you're actually ready to get engaged and why, and why you think you're the perfect candidate for Bachelor in Paradise Canada.

Also, they ask who you'd love to see in Paradise. You can choose from past Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants from either the U.S. or Canada version of the show.

Spill the tea on your past

Now, this part is huge. If you're a fan of The Bachelor or any of the franchise's other programs, you know that they love drama.

During this part of the Bachelor in Paradise application process, you'll be asked about your dating history. "Have you ever been in love? Why did it end and how do you feel about it today?" it asks.

Of course, you'll also be asked about the "biggest personal challenge you've overcome." You'd better make it juicy.

You also need to explain if you've appeared on T.V. before and what that looked like.

Show off your appearance 

You have to provide two photos of yourself for the application. Neither can have any filters, so be sure to snag a spot with great lighting.

The first photo is a headshot from your shoulders up. The second is a full-body shot from head to toe.

Make a kick-ass video

And finally, it's time for your Bachelor in Paradise application video.

You need to record a two-minute video to really show off your personality. Here's what the franchise says you should include:

1. Introduction yourself with similar info from above
2. Spill on your dating history
3. Say who you hope will be in Paradise, and why?
4. Tell them what will make you stand out in Paradise?

Remember, you want to stand out and be memorable!

If you decide to apply online, we wish you luck.