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Bachelor In Paradise Canada’ Bartender Wendt Says He Served ‘Water Sodas’ To A Contestant

What would the Bachelor franchise be without wine or the occasional vodka soda?

Bachelor In Paradise Canada bartender and franchise alumnus Kevin Wendt told Narcity that one contestant on the show found out just that this season.

While stifling a giggle, Wendt told Narcity one contestant, in particular, had the lowest alcohol tolerance he had ever seen in his life.

"I will tell you one funny story; there is a certain cast member who — let's just say a half-ounce goes a long way with her," he said.

After discovering her shockingly low tolerance on the first day of Camp Paradise, Wendt quickly stepped into action to prevent her from indulging too much.

"I went behind the bar and I dumped out a full bottle of vodka and filled it up with water and I put it at the end of my bar, and for about a week straight, she drank water sodas."

The unnamed contestant wasn't so easily fooled. Wendt said she would occasionally say, "I don't feel like I'm drinking anything," so around every five drinks, Wendt would top her drink off with a splash of vodka.

"I would give her just a tad on top so that her first sip would taste like vodka, but after that, it was just 'Oh, would you like another water soda, lime?' [It] was basically her drink of choice because she just couldn't handle it."

Over serving & managing the bar

Anyone who has watched any of the Bachelor shows may assume that there are fountains of wine for the contestants to indulge in, but according to Wendt, the show actually has an accountability system, and everyone is "pretty responsible."

Wendt says he follows Smart Serve rules and that everyone is "super Canadian" and "really polite" when it comes to being asked to slow down on the booze.

"We want everyone to be clear-minded; we want everyone to have fun and not be at their 21 or 19 birthday party every day," he said, "I was just a big advocate for that. I always said, 'Hey, you want to enjoy your time here, you don't want to be blurred at all."

The season premiere of Bachelor In Paradise Canda is on October 10 at 8 p.m. on Citytv.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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