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This TikToker Explains A 'Mandatory' Canadian Rule & Honestly It's Pretty Believable

"And that's why maple syrup from Canada is so good."

Emily explaining a Canadian rule.

Emily explaining a Canadian rule.

If you've never heard of the rule that all Canadians need to leave their igloos by a certain time of year, you're probably not alone, but this TikToker makes a pretty compelling case that might have you believing it's a real thing.

In a stitch, @ehyoitsemily, who produces "all the Canadian content you didn’t ask for," answers the question "what's something that's normal in your country but weird for the rest of the world?"

"So I'm gonna break this down for you," she said, noting that many people don't know that this is a thing that Canadians "do."


#stitch with @nas.alive it’s shocking how many people don’t know about this #fyp #canada #canadian #canadianproblems #igloo #winter #snow #maple

"So around March, April, depending on which province or territory you're in, you start to move from your igloo back into your normal home, because the weather starts to warm up and the snow gets too soft to insulate the igloo anymore," she explained with a perfectly straight face.

"So each province has a mandatory date where you have to move out," she continued in an explanatory tone. "So like for example, in like Nova Scotia, I think this year it's April 14, maybe? I'll have to to double check."

"That's just for safety reasons," Emily went on. "If the igloo collapses there could be a lot of issues, so we have to be sure."

She also explained that after the "mandatory evacuation" date, Canadians will then break down their igloos and take them to their local distillery which is then melted down to boil sap.

"Depending on the size of the province will determine how many distilleries each province has," she said. "And that's why maple syrup from Canada is so good. It's made with love."

While mandatorily evacuating ones home in the spring in Canada isn't real, many in the comment section chimed in with their own "experiences" with the phenomenon in good fun.

"Wow you guys move out of your igloos late, here in Quebec it’s April 3rd," wrote one person.

"Who still has their igloo building handbook they got in high school??" said another.

They also had some grievances to air.

"Anyone else tired of hearing the skip the dishes, Uber etc complain about how all the igloos look the same and that they never find the right igloo?" one person wrote.

Her video currently has over 300,000 likes, so while the scenario isn't real, it's definitely something Canadians are having a laugh at!

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