A Tim Hortons Employee Spilled Details On The Secret Menu & How They Really Feel About It

We've got secret menu item recommendations!

A Tim Hortons Employee Spilled Details On The Secret Menu & How They Really Feel About It
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The Tim Hortons secret menu has so many outside-the-box drinks and snacks, but there are some things you should know before ordering anything like that.

Tim Hortons employee Kait Beck has been posting hacks on TikTok, so Narcity spoke to her to get an inside scoop about the secret menu, including which custom drinks are her favourite.


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Beck said her coworkers will turn to her when people order a customized drink because it's from TikTok and she'll willingly make the beverage for them. She said that she posts items that people are actually able to order while others share things that can't be done, like adding fondant to a drink.

"Realistically, those are not options to be made, so [customers are] like, 'Oh, I want this unicorn chill drink' and we're like, 'We actually can't do that,'" she said.

Also, Beck said that if you order a customized drink that you saw on TikTok with a special name, chances are that the person behind the counter won't know what you mean. You shouldn't go up and ask for a Coffee Crisp drink, she said. Instead, you should order a creamy chocolate chill with a shot of espresso, so they know what you want and get your order right.

Beck's favourite Tim Hortons secret menu items are a creamy chocolate or vanilla chill with a shop of espresso and an Iced Capp or frozen lemonade with whipped cream blended inside. "Definitely, those are the ones to get," she said.

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