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A TikTok Of What Your Go-To Tim Hortons Donut Says About You Went Viral & It's Hilarious

Getting an Old Fashioned Glazed means you're a Karen.

If you've ever wondered what the Tim Hortons donut you order all the time says about you, someone on TikTok made a video revealing just that, and it's so hilarious that it got over 300,000 views.

According to this analysis, you're a teenage girl if you get a Vanilla Dip donut; you're the mom of the group if you get a Honey Dip; you're a millennial who should be working instead of watching the video if you get a Chocolate Dip, and you peaked in high school if you order a Chocolate Glazed.

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Ordering an Apple Fritter means you're a "hockey dad," an Old Fashioned Glazed means you're a Karen, and a Honey Crueller means "you have a superiority complex."

Someone asked for there to be a part two video and the TikTok user delivered with even more donuts. The follow-up video says you're "a dog" if you get an Old Fashioned Plain donut; you "would bully a racist" if you get a Double Chocolate, and you have grandpa vibes "in the best possible way" if you get a Canadian Maple.

If you get a Boston Cream, which was the most ordered Tims donut in 2020, that means you call self-care "[driving] around by yourself, listening to sad music and drinking your sugary drink."