Tim Hortons Has Revealed Canada's Most Ordered Donuts & Coffee In 2020

Is your go-to a popular order?
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Tim Hortons Donuts & Coffees That Were Ordered The Most In 2020 Have Been Revealed

It's official, the most ordered Tim Hortons donuts and coffees throughout this year have been revealed and your go-to probably made the cut.

The top orders of 2020 were consistent across all of Canada in terms of coffee but the country is pretty divided when it comes to the most popular donut.

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In 2020, the Double Double reigns supreme as the most ordered coffee across the country.

After that, the other popular choices that Canadians have gotten this year are a "regular" which has one dairy, one sugar followed by black coffee.

With the truly sweet stuff, there was a clear winner for 2020 but the list of favourites is different from region to region.

Boston Cream is officially Canada's favourite Tim Hortons donut of the year.

The rest of the top 10 for the country as a whole is Apple Fritter, Old Fashioned Plain, Honey Cruller, Chocolate Dip, Vanilla Dip, Sour Cream Glazed, Chocolate Glazed, Double Chocolate and Honey Dip.

Earlier this year, Canadians were sharing their go-to Tims orders on TikTok and there were some clear favourites including some of the top donuts.

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