Apparently, not everyone knows how Tim Hortons got its name and the restaurant's official Twitter had the best response to someone's surprise.

A Canadian tweeted their shock about who the coffee chain is named after and said, "TIM HORTONS IS CALLED TIM HORTONS BC OF A HOCKEY PLAYER????????????"

Tims replied to the tweet simply with a gif of Tim Horton in a hockey uniform that's overlayed with the coffee chain's donuts.

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Replying to their own tweet, the person said that they're Canadian and are confused about their lack of knowledge about the Tims' namesake.

"I've lived in Canada since I was like born how did I never know this," they said.

Horton, who played with the Toronto Maple Leafs for almost 20 years, opened the first location in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario.

Coffee and donuts were only 10 cents back then.

This situation has the same energy as people not realizing that Moira Rose isn't the only role that Catherine O'Hara has played and that she was Kevin's mom in Home Alone.