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I Tried McDonalds New Donuts vs Tim Hortons & This Is My Honest Opinion

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I Tried McDonalds New Donuts vs Tim Hortons & This Is My Honest Opinion

I donut believe this! In June 2020, McDonalds Donuts launched in Canada and now I have put them to the test against Tim Hortons to see if these new treats on the block can give our Canadian classic a run for its money. 

While the fast food chain is more known for it's famous fries, this year they introduced five donut flavours to their McCafe menu. This includes an apple fritter, Boston cream, jelly strawberry, maple caramel, and sprinkle donut. 

Tim Hortons, on the other hand, as a coffee chain has been offering donuts basically forever and has a multitude of flavours that are constantly changing. 

For simplicity, I pitted the Boston Creams and the classic sprinkle donuts against each other to see which restaurant reigns supreme. 

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How do Tim Hortons donuts taste? 

[rebelmouse-image 26002354 photo_credit="Elizabeth Keith | Narcity" expand=1 original_size="4032x3024"] Elizabeth Keith | Narcity

I would hazard a guess that almost everybody has tried a sprinkle donut in their life time, and if you live in Canada, it likely came from Timmies.

Their donut on its own doesn't really taste like anything but the icing has a very sweet flavour, I would just call it sugar.

The sprinkles on this one are the tiny round kind and they pack a weird crunch when you bite into this treat. 

Their Boston Cream is a bit of a different story. The donut was coated in that chocolate icing stuff, which had a sweet and somewhat chocolately flavour to it. Fortunately, none of it got stuck to the packaging. 

I deliberately bit into it opposite the hole they used to put the cream in them and was disappointed not to hit filling on my first bite. It did come through on the second go, however, and was very silky and also sweet, although it did overpower the chocolate flavour in my opinion. 

Both the Tims donuts are light and fluffy. Be prepared, though they make a bit of a mess with the sticky icing and falling sprinkles. 

How do McDonalds donuts taste? 

[rebelmouse-image 26002355 photo_credit="Elizabeth Keith | Narcity" expand=1 original_size="4032x3024"] Elizabeth Keith | Narcity

Before we even talk taste we have to address the elephant in the room. These things are tiny. In fairness to the golden arches, they call them 'lil donuts but none of the promo pics prepared me for this size, for context I could fit both of them on one plate. 

Now the flavour here is definitely different. Both the donuts were a bit heavier and denser. You could feel a little full after two of them, despite the size. 

The sprinkle donut is topped with more of fondant rather than icing, so it was lacking flavour for me. They also had long, skinny sprinkle which don't have as much crunch. 

It also didn't have a lot of sweetness or distinct flavour. All in all, it was a little underwhelming. 

The Boston Cream was a different experience though. The first word that came to mind was decadent. Again, I started from the side opposite the hole and hit filling on the first bite, which is probably because it is so small. 

Here the chocolate has a richer flavour while the cream inside is again smooth and silky. This one felt very heavy to eat and was putting off a bit of a "treat yourself" vibe. 

Which one's the winner? 

This one is a true toss up! I would say the Tim Hortons sprinkled snack was more enjoyable but when it comes to Boston Cream, McDonalds' decadent dessert takes the cake... er, donut. 

However, if the question is which one would I likely order again, the answer would have to be Timmies. The fact of the matter is if I'm going to McD's it's not to get a donut, I'm looking for fried fast food. Even if I wanted to get dessert there I would sooner get a McFlurry than one of these little snacks. 

Tim Hortons as a coffee shop is much more likely to attract donut customers, so for that reason I'd say they are the winners of this sweet treat taste test, and that's my honest opinion. 

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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