Canadians' Tim Hortons Orders Are Trending On TikTok & Clear Favourites Are Emerging

Honey crullers are weirdly popular! 🍩
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Tim Hortons Orders Are Being Revealed On TikTok By Canadians

Everyone has something that they always get when hitting up the Timmies drive-thru. Now Canadians' Tim Hortons orders are being revealed on TikTok and there are some clear favourites emerging. Are you like everyone else or do you order differently?

On the video app, the my order tag has been flooded with clips of Canadians sharing everything they get when doing a Timmies run from drinks to baked goods to sandwiches.

Peoples' orders range from run of the mill items like coffee to ones that you might not expect like a white hot chocolate with a teabag.

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While there are a lot of things on the menu, people tend to stick to what they know and love.

A lot of the videos have featured the same items so there are definitely some favourites among customers.

One that popped up a bunch of times is iced coffee.

Some people like to get it customized with add-ins like caramel or vanilla or almond milk.

Iced capps are another popular favourite that was featured whether its regular ones or specialty ones like salted caramel.

Even though some have talked about getting hot coffee from Tims, it seems like people are more into cold drinks than they are hot ones.

The orders really started to differentiate when it came to food items but there are still a bunch that everyone seems to enjoy.

Lots of people included everything bagels in their TikToks but some were toasted and some were not.

There were also differences between what to put on them like butter or cream cheese.

The farmer's breakfast wrap is another popular order.

Then there are the baked goods.

For donuts, there is one stand out among all the selections available for Canadians to order.

The honey cruller reigns supreme as something so many people get at Tims.

One person said they don't "even know how to describe this donut it's just so good."

Tims is actually on TikTok and sharing video recipes for sweet treats like iced capp popsicles and grilled donut ice cream sandwiches.

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