Tim Hortons Is Finally Putting Almond Milk On The Menu

Almond milk iced capp anyone?
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Tim Hortons Almond Milk Is Finally On The Menu For A Dairy-Free Option
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It's happening! The new Tim Hortons almond milk option is finally here so you can enjoy your coffee without dairy in it. If it's not at a location just yet, they'll all be offering it soon.

If you've spotted signs in Tims locations advertizing almond milk, you're not alone and it's not a dream.

You can get your coffee with Silk almond milk now.

So that means lots of dairy-free lattes and iced capps are in your future!

After people started to notice that the alternative option was on the menu, they took to Twitter to talk about it and also get confirmation.

Of course, Tims replied to a bunch of tweets about the excitement complete with dancing emojis.

"💃💃💃< how we feel right now," the coffee chain tweeted.

When one person asked if they actually have the dairy-free option, Tims replied that it's true and that they're pretty excited about it.

However, some people have pointed out that they haven't been able to get almond milk when they order.

If it's not offered at a location near you just yet, Timmies said that it will be coming soon.

Some stores have also started offering skim milk.

It might feel like a lifetime ago but it was just back in February that the dairy-free alternative was announced.

The change came after the coffee chain experienced a slump in sales which, according to its parent company, didn't reflect the power of Tims.

So, plans were made to bring it back to its roots and also change things up a little bit. 

People have been begging for dairy-free options at the coffee chain for a while now.

If their location near you doesn't have almond milk just yet and you can't wait for it, other coffee chains like Starbucks offer special lattes made with almond or coconut milk.

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