Looking for something to do at home? Well, look no further. Tim Hortons TikTok is a thing and the coffee chain's official account has been posting recipes. There's one for iced capp popsicles that you can try at home.

Tim Hortons is on the iconic video app and sharing recipes that people can make at home like dalgona coffee and unique twists on some Tims favourites.

The latest video is about how to make popsicles.

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"Go from self-isolation to self-ICED-olation with our at-home IcedCapp Ice Pops," the coffee chain said on TikTok.

To make the frosty treat, you just have to follow a really simple recipe.

First, you brew three cups of coffee and let that cool down in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Then mix together one tablespoon of vanilla extract, three tablespoons of brown sugar, half a cup of cream and the chilled coffee.

Pour the concoction into moulds, add popsicle sticks and put it in the freezer overnight.

Once it's nice and frozen, the iced capp pops are ready to go!

If you don't want to make a TikTok account just to see what other recipes are posted that you can try, Tims is also sharing the videos on Twitter.

The company also posted a recipe for grilled donut ice cream sandwiches that sounds perfect for summer.

You need to get honey dip donuts, slice them horizontally so they can act as the cookie part of the ice cream sandwich.

Then grill the halves on both sides on medium heat until they're golden brown.

You can always try out your own flavour combinations for the filling but Tims suggests vanilla ice cream and fresh berries, coffee ice cream with chocolate shavings or ditch the ice cream altogether and use peaches, honey and basil.

If you don't want to attempt to make any of the recipes at home but still want something unique, there are a bunch of videos on TikTok of items from the Tims secret menu that you can order.

Due to the pandemic, the coffee chain has put out floor decals at locations across Canada to tell people to keep a safe distance away from each other.

Instead of using metres or feet, they use Timbits as a form of measurement and someone on TikTok fully investigated if 46 of them are the right distance.