Tim Hortons Says 46 Timbits Is 6ft Apart & Some Guy On TikTok Fully Investigated It

This is a tasty way to measure distance.
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Tim Hortons Timbits Are A Way To Measure Physical Distance & Someone Tested It On TikTok

Is this peak Canada? Tim Hortons Timbits are being used to help you measure physical distancing when you're in-store. One guy on TikTok actually investigated the claim that 46 of the little donut holes are six feet long.

If you've been at the coffee chain lately, you might have spotted floor decals that tell you the proper distance to keep away from others.

"Please stand 46 Timbits apart," the signs tell people.

One guy posted a video on TikTok about a visit to his local Timmies to show people just how we measure things here in the True North.

"Here in Canada, we can see people but we still need to be six feet apart. Just in case you don't really know what six feet is here in Canada, it's 46 Timbits," he said in the clip.

That TikTok got more than 230,000 views.

So, he then took it upon himself to figure out if the donut shop is being accurate with their measurements.

The next day he posted another TikTok of his investigation.

He managed to fit 48 of the tiny treats along a six-foot long measuring tape, though he did mention that the delicious treats start a little bit ahead of the tape and it's not entirely straight.

So, he concluded that the 46 Timbit measurement "could be fairly accurate."

Others have also taken notice of the interesting and very Canadian way of staying apart.

As people have come across the signs at the location they visit, a lot have posted about it on social media.

The company even replied to one person's tweet about the signs and said, "keepin' it sweet. Keepin' it safe."

A Timbit distance isn't the only Canadian way people are keeping apart.

Some stores have taped debit machines to hockey sticks so people can pay while also being at a safe distance.

Canada's Health Minister has also asked people to keep a hockey stick between themselves and others when out since that's about two metres long.

Tim Hortons is opening up more than 1,000 new patios at locations across Canada by July so people can enjoy their iced coffee outside this summer.

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