Tim Hortons Is Opening Over 1,000 New Patios Across Canada This Summer

Sip your iced capp before it melts.
Tim Hortons Patio: Over 1000 New Spaces Opening Across Canada This Summer

This summer we'll all be spending a lot more time outside than usual. Canada's most iconic coffee chain knows that and they're responding to the new normal by putting out a few more chairs on the deck. They're going to open 1000 patios in Canada this summer and a brand new Tim Hortons patio could be coming near you.

Tim Hortons' Chief Operating Officer Mike Hancock said in a statement shared with Narcity that they're ready to see Canadians and they're hustling to get the patios ready for us.

“In the coming weeks, we are reopening more than 350 existing patios in Ontario," he said. 

And that's just the start. They're going to expand "
to open upwards of 1,000 new patios across Canada by transforming existing outdoor spaces," he said.

That way, you can hang out at Timmies in the fresh air with your BFFs this summer more often. Plus, you can use social distancing as an excuse this year to not share your Tim Bits.

Ontario recently made big announcements about Stage Two which allows patio spaces to open.

Still, other provinces like Alberta and B.C. are already swinging into patio season strong.

And Tim Hortons says they're going to get really creative about how they'll make new patios and expand others.

According to reps, they're looking for unique ways to "reopen and expand patio spaces to safely serve guests."

As many of us will be staying two metres apart from each other, the more space we can have, the better.

Tim Hortons will look at underused parking spaces, laneways, and expanding their outdoor seating as much as possible while working with local city rules to make it happen.

By July, all 1000 new patios are expected to be open. They'll be following all the public health guidelines and requirements so that they're able to run the patios safely.

No longer will you be forced to have your Timmies at home or in your car and that's a beautiful thing.

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