If you’re a lover of all things sweet, this might just change your life. Tim Hortons recently shared a video tutorial explaining how to make “Grilled Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches,” and they look seriously incredible. Even better, you don’t have to be a master baker to get stuck in!

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If you’ve got an hour or so spare this weekend, why not try creating a very-Canadian and donut-inspired dessert?

Just in time for the summer heat to kick-in, Tim Hortons has shared a unique sweet recipe for something they’re calling Grilled Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches.

While this sounds pretty extra, the company shared a how-to video for the sweet treat, and it looks surprisingly tasty.

All you’ll need is some donuts, ice cream, and your preferred fillings and toppings. Sounds easy enough, eh?

In a video shared on Twitter, the coffee giant recommends starting with Tim Hortons Honey Dip donuts, which need to be sliced in half horizontally. 

Then, you’ll want to grill both sides of each half on a medium heat until they’re all a delicious golden brown colour. In fact, they should almost look like bagels!

After this, it's time to get creative with all of your favourite flavours and treats.

Once you’re happy with the crispy-ness of your donut, you’ll want to choose your favourite flavour ice cream and drop it in the middle of your dessert.

The Tim Hortons video suggests using vanilla ice cream and fresh berries, or coffee ice cream and chocolate shavings. If you really want to try something new, the company also recommends adding peaches, honey and basil.

That said, you can add whatever your sweet tooth desires!

Canadians have proved that they’re keen bakers in recent months, after the COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge flour shortage across Canada.

The situation got so intense that Robin Hood actually had to change their flour packaging, as they were unable to keep up with the demand for their iconic yellow branding.

To help us nurture our new love of baking, and to help keep Canadians busy during lockdown, many of our favourite brands and companies have been sharing iconic recipes and tutorials.

Canada’s Wonderland shared how to make their beloved funnel cake, and IKEA explained how to create their famous Swedish meatballs. Even Disney World got involved in the fun.

If you’ve got some Honey Dip donuts lying around right now … you know what to do!