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Ann Baekken | Wikimedia, timhortonsus | Instagram

You can get Tim Hortons donuts for less than $1 at locations across Canada when you order with Uber Eats for one day only.

Since 2020 hasn't been the best year, Tim Hortons and Uber Eats are throwing it back to when the first location opened in 1964 and offering sweet treats at a discounted price.

At that time, donuts cost just 10 cents each!

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$0.60 cost of a six-pack of donuts at Tim Hortons on November 26

You'll be able to get a six-pack of assorted donuts for $0.60 when you order from Tim Hortons with Uber Eats on November 26.

That usually costs $6.59 so you'll save $5.99.

This offer is only available on that day and at participating locations across Canada while supplies last.

You'll still have to pay taxes and fees though so it'll be a little more expensive than $0.60 when all is said and done.

Back in January, an unofficial Tim Hortons meme Instagram page actually put the coffee chain's treats into battle to see which donut is the worst and it was pretty surprising.

It's election day in Canada, and Uber is offering a way to help get people to the polls.

The ride-sharing program is giving out a code that'll save you up to $5 on each trip while the poll stations remain open, according to an email sent to Narcity from the company.

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To make sure you get your Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win prizes now that the game is over, you'll have to reveal and redeem them before certain dates or else they'll be gone forever.

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