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There's nothing we love more than a good attitude and this Ontario squirrel is a shining star in our eyes. 

The Weather Network shared a video of a scene in Newmarket, Ontario of a little guy that they've deemed the "squirrel-plow."

In the video, you see what we can only assume is the employee of the month plowing through a couple of inches of snow on the top of a fence. 

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We're talking head-first, no hesitation, just plowing through every single snowflake that's blocking its path. 

As you may have gathered, parts of Ontario are buried in snow right now. 

If you check out the forecast for Newmarket, it looks like things will be warming up and the diligent squirrel might get a day or two off from plowing. 

This video is a serious mood for anyone who lives in a snowy province as well as a source of inspiration for those of us that are hiding inside. 

It's basically Christmas, so we say let it snow! 

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