Tim Hortons Asked For Wrong Answers On How Timbits Are Made & The Responses Are Hilarious

"Every time a Canadian says 'sorry' a Timbit is born."
Tim Hortons Timbits Were Explained With Wrong Answers Only & It's Hilarious
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A beloved Canadian treat! How Tim Hortons Timbits are made was explained with wrong answers only and the responses are absolutely hilarious. They're so good that we even wish some of them were true. 

These little donut holes are social media stars with people investigating if they're accurate for measuring physical distancing, debating what they're called or picking which is the best.

On Twitter, Tims had a very simple question for Canadians: "How are Timbits made? Wrong answers only."

So, of course, people got creative with their explanations about how the classic treats come to be.

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Just like an angel

While this is definitely a wrong answer since it's a play on a line from It's a Wonderful Life, this could actually be true because we do say sorry a lot and there are a lot of Timbits.

Fairy godmother

So, does that mean if you eat a Timbit you'll become a princess?

Serious question

With how good some Timbits taste, people might think that they're magic.

Baby makes three

A classic way to explain how the treats are made. Could this wrong answer also put an end to the Timbit vs. Munchkin debate?


This person gave a wrong answer that's just so good. It's a very Canadian twist on the plot of Gremlins.


An epic wrong take on how Timbits are made that you probably wish was real because it's so cool.

Organically Canadian

Don't lie, you've had this thought in your head at least once when looking at Timbits. It's a very organic and very Canadian explanation.

I Love Lucy style

This wrong answer is probably the closest to reality but whoever really makes the treats most likely isn't eating most of them like in that classic I Love Lucy scene.


Well, that might hurt if you're a Leafs fan but it's still funny to imagine.

Very Canadian

Just imagine a Zamboni leaving a tasty trail of Timbits as it goes along the ice of a hockey rink. This wrong answer might actually be genius.

The recipe

This wrong recipe is so funny that we wouldn't mind if it was really how the donut holes were made.

From another world

This person took it to another level by explaining that Timbits are summoned, not made. The real question is what's the Canadian dimension like?

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