The Timbit VS Munchkin Twitter War Started Up Again & It's Super Heated

Donut holes? No way.
Tim Hortons Timbits VS Munchkins Debate Is Heating Up On Twitter Again

There are plenty of things that most Canadians can recognize immediately. Among them are Tim Hortons' Timbits, the beloved bite-sized donuts that come in a variety of flavours. However, outside of Canada, these sometimes go by different names, and it's this difference that started a heated Twitter discussion.

On July 17, the term "Timbits" began trending on Twitter, seeming to stem from a tweet sent by user @perfectnowlive.

"What do u call these, theres like 15 diff names for it," the tweet reads. It also includes a photo of what are very clearly the famous Tim Hortons snack.

However, some of the replies said that they were known as Munchkins, or in an even more general sense, donut holes.

For anyone who might not be familiar, Dunkin Donuts sells their own version of what Canadians know as Timbits. They call them Munchkins, possibly because "Dunkbits" wasn't as catchy. 

Many of the responses from people showed disbelief at the fact that people could call these little morsels anything else.

"Ok, I don't know who on earth calls these 'donut holes' or 'munchkins'" @thesportstacker stated in a tweet, "These are Timbits, end of story."

"These are 100% timbits like i know a good chocolate glazed timbit when i see one," wrote @astrajoon.

The debate prompted an almost existential question from Twitter user @kaleidoscpeluke, who asked "but like .. what if u don’t get them from tims ... are they still timbits?"

It's a fair question. You probably can't just walk into any other donut shop and order Timbits. You have to play by the rules.

However, in a response to the original tweet asking what people call them, @rroserainn pointed out that the photo included in the tweet is actually a photo of the famous Tim Hortons treats.

That technically means that any answer to the original question that wasn't Timbits was factually incorrect. Sorry, Munchkin fans.

The tasty treats are so well-known in Canada, that Tim Hortons can even use them as a unit of measurement and people will understand what it means.

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