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Jagmeet Singh Is Calling Out Trudeau For Saying The COVID-19 Pandemic 'Sucks'

The NDP leader didn't hold back! 😬
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Trudeau Said COVID-19 'Sucks' & Jagmeet Singh Is Calling Him Out For It

The NDP leader isn’t holding back! Jagmeet Singh has called out the prime minister on social media after Justin Trudeau said COVID-19 “sucks.”

During a press conference on October 27, Trudeau made the comment after he was asked about COVID-19 fatigue in Canada.

Although the PM shared a pretty emotional anecdote during his response, it seems Jagmeet Singh is not buying it.

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In a public tweet on Tuesday evening, the NDP leader wrote, “Today, Justin Trudeau said the pandemic sucks.” 

“It does, especially when: You have to boil your water for 25 yrs, $900 million for students disappears w/ a scandal, Loved ones are at risk in govt owned care homes, Your childcare closes because the Govt hiked the rent,” he added.

Singh also shared a video of himself asking the prime minister if his “words on childcare were, again, just empty promises?”

It’s not the first time Singh has called him out via social media, either.

In the past, he’s accused the PM of failing to stand up to Trump, failing to tackle systemic racism in Canada and for "playing politics" instead of fighting climate change.

    Helena Hanson
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