Trudeau's 6-Year-Old Asked Him Such A Heartbreaking & Relatable COVID-19 Question

Leave it to kids to ask the hard-hitting questions.
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Justin Trudeau's Son Asked Him Such A Heartbreaking COVID-19 Question

Well, this is heartbreaking. Justin Trudeau's son asked him the saddest question about COVID-19 and it's such a relatable query.

During a press conference, the prime minister said, "My six-year-old asked me a few weeks ago, 'Dad, is COVID-19 forever?'"

He was asked about the fatigue people are experiencing with the pandemic and he shared that hard-hitting question Hadrien, his youngest kid, had for him.

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My six-year-old asked me a few weeks ago, 'Dad, is COVID-19 forever?'

Justin Trudeau

In French, Trudeau said he told his son that COVID-19 isn't forever and he also mentioned that this is a question he wonders about sometimes.

Hadrien is in grade one right now.

"This was supposed to be his big year as a big boy," Trudeau said.

However, there are so many differences with how kids go to school and how we go through life now.

Trudeau noted that this is a really difficult situation we're all going through.

The PM was also pretty blunt about the COVID-19 pandemic and said it "really sucks."

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