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This Toronto Neighbourhood Has More COVID-19 Cases Than All Of Barrie

One Toronto spot has nearly 800 cases.

As the 6ix continues to stay in a modified stage two, Toronto's COVID-19 cases are hitting some neighbourhoods harder than others.  

As of October 25, 2020, a single neighbourhood in the 6ix is reporting more cases than the entire City of Barrie.

The data highlights just how hard Toronto's dense population has been hit during the pandemic. 

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The City Of Toronto

Currently, Barrie has an overall total of 408 confirmed cases of COVID-19, a stark contrast to Toronto, which has well over 26,000. 

The city's Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown neighbourhood alone has 791 cases.

In fact, multiple neighbourhoods in Toronto are reporting more cases than Barrie, including Glenfield-Jane Heights and York University Heights.

The city's high infection rate has forced it to revert back to a modified stage two of Ontario's reopening plan.

As of Tuesday, the province was sitting at a total of 72,051 confirmed COVID-19 cases.