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Ontario Community In Crisis Calls On Trudeau To Come See How They Live

Hundreds of residents were forced to evacuate after their water supply got cut off.

After finding out their water source was contaminated, an Ontario community is calling on the government for help.

Neskantaga First Nation was under a boil advisory for 26 years prior to finding out they had hydrocarbons in their water supply last week.

Now, they have no water at all, and most of the community's 300 residents have been forced to evacuate, reports CBC

MPP Sol Mamakwa took to Twitter to speak on the crisis.

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One of the signs calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to come live in the community for two weeks, to "know what [the Neskataga] people face."

Another sign claims the community has been "neglected and abandoned by Canada."

Sol shared a story on Twitter of a five-year-old resident asking his father why they don't have any clean drinking water.

Neskantaga First Nation has sent out a list of demands detailing what issues need to be resolved before they will return home, according to TB Newswatch.

Right now, there are approximately twenty people left in the town, keeping homes heated, infrastructure intact, and the community safe.