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Jagmeet Singh Called Out Trudeau Again For Not Dealing With Canada's Systemic Racism

Singh says athletes are doing more than Canada's PM.
Jagmeet Singh Called Out Trudeau Again For Not Dealing With Canada's Systemic Racism

The NDP leader has yet another strong message for the prime minister. On Wednesday, Jagmeet Singh called out Trudeau on Twitter, saying that he has the power to make change happen but isn't doing anything. Singh also noted that systemic racism is an issue in Canada, not just the United States.

Following yet another shooting of a black man by police in the U.S., professional athletes took a stand and used their voices to call for justice for Jacob Blake.

Blake was shot in the back seven times by police in Wisconsin, while his children were inside the car nearby.

Editor's Choice: Today's Raptors Game Set To Be Cancelled As Teams Boycott The Playoffs

The Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their NBA playoff game on August 26, demanding that the officers involved are held accountable.

That same night, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh shared a video of the players reading a statement on behalf of the Bucks.

"Professional athletes are taking action because people with power to make change - like our Prime Minister - are not," Singh said.

He also pointed out that racism, injustice and police brutality are issues here in Canada too, not just in America.

"Systemic racism demands nothing short of systemic change," the NDP leader stated.

This isn't the first time the NDP leader has called out the Prime Minister and accused him of not taking a strong enough stance against systemic racism in Canada.

Back in June, he urged Trudeau to "go beyond pretty words, and pretty speeches, and do something."

In July, Singh said that Trudeau has done less than U.S. President Donald Trump when it comes to addressing police brutality.

Following the boycott from the Bucks, all three of the NBA games scheduled for Wednesday were postponed.

The Toronto Raptors are also considering a boycott for their game on August 27, but all of the day's games could be cancelled by the league.

There's a possibility that the rest of the season will also be cancelled.

On Twitter, the Raptors responded to a tweet from the Bucks and said, "We stand with our brothers."

Three NHL playoff games went ahead as scheduled in Edmonton and Toronto on August 26.

Either some or all of the MLB, Major League Soccer and WNBA games were also postponed that day.

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