It looks like a team boycott might actually happen. Raptors' Nick Nurse revealed to reporters on Wednesday that a team-wide protest was “on the table.” The news comes just a day before the team starts their second round of playoffs. 

This week, multiple Raptors players have voiced their objections to the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

During a press conference, Nurse spoke about how serious the Raptors are taking the boycott threats.

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The head coach even went as far as to reveal that some of his players were considering heading back home. 

"I really don't know. I have heard a couple of our guys say they're thinking about going home,” Nurse said according to Devin Heroux from CBC. 

“Players want to help; they want to solve the problem ... there is plenty of attention to the issue, but they want action. A boycott is part of that. Their disappointment is how they can get something to change, now,” Nurse added according to Michael Grange.

When asked the likelihood of a boycott actually happening, Nurse revealed, "I don't think I can probably put a percentage on it. Again, it's ongoing discussions, I think it is on the table. You know there are some other ideas on the table as well..." 

However, the head coach stated that boycotting the game would act as a way for players to be able to demand that more action be taken against police brutality. 

An emotional Fred VanVleet and Norman Powell were the first to float the possibility of a potential walk-off earlier this week. 

VanVleet, in particular, refused to answer any basketball-related question during an interview on Tuesday.

Instead, the Raptors point guard used his time to speak openly and honestly about Blake’s shooting.

"What are we willing to give up? Do we actually give a f**k about what's going on, or is it just cool to have Black Lives Matter on the backdrop or wearing a T-shirt? I'm in a different place today, emotionally speaking," he stated.

While Powell also stated that, "I'm pretty sick to my stomach to have to sit up here and talk about this again." 

Currently, the Raptors are set to play the Celtics on Thursday. However, it is still unknown whether this game will be played.