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Jagmeet Singh Called Out Trudeau For 'Playing Politics' Instead Of Fighting Climate Change

Trudeau promised to plant 2 billion trees this decade, but no progress has been made.
Jagmeet Singh Is Calling Out Trudeau For 'Playing Politics' Instead Of Fighting Climate Change

As smoke from U.S. fires continues to affect the air quality in Canada, Jagmeet Singh is calling on Justin Trudeau to take action. Referencing the fires, he urged the PM to “stop playing politics with our planet’s future.” Singh also implored him to deliver on his promises to reduce emissions in Canada.

Just days ahead of Trudeau’s throne speech, the NDP leader has sent the prime minister a strong message.

In a public tweet on September 16, Singh accused the prime minister of “playing politics” when it comes to climate change, despite the smoke that is blanketing some parts of Canada.

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The smoke, which has now reached six provinces in Canada, is a result of the fires that continue to burn through the American West Coast.

“Climate fires are blocking out the sun in parts of B.C.,” Singh wrote. “The last thing the Liberals should do is back down on fighting climate change.”

He continued, “Mr. Trudeau needs to stop playing politics with our planet’s future, make good on his promise to reduce emissions & stop subsidies to oil & gas.”

It’s not the only environmental commitment Trudeau has been accused of breaking, either.

Back in 2019, the PM promised Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg that Canada would plant 2 billion trees over the next 10 years.

To achieve the goal, 200 million trees should have gone into the ground this year. However, CTV News reported this week that not one tree has been planted yet.

When Trudeau originally announced this plan, Singh was one of the first to call him out.

Responding to the prime minister's Twitter announcement, he wrote, “Trees won’t hide the pipeline you bought.”

Singh has been a vocal critic of Trudeau in the past, accusing the PM of failing to take strong action against systemic racism in Canada and saying his stance on police brutality was worse than U.S. President Donald Trump's.

While Trudeau is yet to respond to the NDP leader's most recent comments, his party told CTV News that they intend to come good with their promise to plant the trees.

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