With November in full swing and Christmas on the horizon, some people are just realizing that Schitt's Creek's Moira Rose is Kevin’s mom in Home Alone.

In a tweet on Monday, November 16, the Canadian sitcom’s official page acknowledged that it is officially “that time of year” once again.

It’s the period, apparently, that people around the world realize Catherine O’Hara played both Moira Rose AND Kevin’s mom, among others!

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The Canadian-American star first appeared as Kate in Home Alone back in 1990.

Around 25 years later, she returned to our screens as Moira Rose in the award-winning Canadian sitcom, Schitt’s Creek.

Although she played plenty of different roles in between, it appears to be these two characters that many people failed to connect!

Tweeting on November 17, one person wrote, "Bruh im schitting my creek rn just found out that moira from Schitt's Creek also plays the mom in Home Alone."

Another shared a similar message, adding, "Just found out that Moira from Schitt's Creek is the mom in Home Alone and I am SHOOOOOOOOK how did I not recognise her."

The more you know, eh?!