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A Tim Hortons Employee Revealed The Menu Items You Should Order Every Time

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Talk about top tips! An employee has spilled the beans on what the best Tim Hortons menu items are that you should order every time.

Kait Beck spoke with Narcity about the drinks and food that have her stamp of approval. She revealed that her top three all-time favourites are strawberry muffins, quenchers and cold brew.

"I'm telling you, they're so good. I probably have at least one of them every shift," Beck said.

Along with those items, she said iced caps are nice during the summer and you can never go wrong with a good ole double double.

If you want to try a secret menu item, Beck suggested ordering her favourite — a creamy chocolate or vanilla chill with a shot of espresso.

You can also try an iced cap or frozen lemonade with whipped cream blended inside. Yum!

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