You Need To Try 7 Of These 11 Tim Hortons Menu Items At Least Once To Be A True Canadian

Timbits are a must! 🇨🇦

​Person holding a Tim Hortons coffee next to a Tim Hortons baked goods bag. Right: People grabbing Tim Hortons donuts from a box.
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Person holding a Tim Hortons coffee next to a Tim Hortons baked goods bag. Right: People grabbing Tim Hortons donuts from a box.

When it comes to what the best Tim Hortons menu items are, there is probably some debate but there is also no denying that the Canadian coffee chain has quite a few classics that are must-tries at least once!

If you've tried most of these menu items like Timbits, Iced Capps and Double Doubles, go ahead and call yourself a true Canadian.

Even if you haven't gotten a taste of them yet, you've still got time to try them all!

Then, to amp up your ordering at Tims, you can even get some of these classics with secret menu twists from TikTok that make new unique treats for you to enjoy.


Whether you get plain, four cheese or jalapeno, with cream cheese or butter on it, getting a bagel from Tims is a time-honoured tradition.

Go ahead and give yourself bonus points if the cream cheese isn't spread evenly or if the bagel isn't cut all the way through!

Iced Capp

This is a classic summer treat that some brave souls even enjoy in the winter.

There's even a TikTok hack for making Iced Capps at home if you're feeling adventurous and want to sip on the cold drink without having to go buy one.

Boston Cream donut

The Boston Cream donut was the most-ordered donut in Canada at Tim Hortons in 2020 so you know it's something you need to try at least once but will probably end up having many more times than that.

Plus, it now has over 33% more creamy filling thanks to a recent relaunch of the donut.

Double Double coffee

Does this really need explaining? The Double Double coffee is a Canadian icon and possibly the most well-known Tim Hortons menu item.

Also, it's super popular as it was the most ordered coffee at Tims in 2020.


While Timbiebs aren't a regular menu item, they're still a must-try at least once.

The three flavours — Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Waffle — were so popular that Tims brought them back when Biebs Brew was launched.

Smile cookie

This treat only comes around once a year but it's still famous here in Canada. Or, maybe it's infamous given that the cookies often aren't the best looking!

Honey Cruller donut

When Canadians were asked to share their Tim Hortons orders on TikTok, the Honey Cruller donut was a clear favourite even though it was only the fourth most ordered donut in the country in 2020.


Seriously, can you really call yourself a true Canadian if you've never had Timbits? It's a classic treat!

If you're looking for recommendations on which flavours to try, the most popular Timbits across Canada in 2021 were Chocolate Glazed, Birthday Cake, Honey Dip, Old Fashioned Plain and Sour Cream Glazed.

French Vanilla coffee

The French Vanilla is a signature menu item that might be underrated but is still a must-try.

It even inspired Biebs Brew, a French Vanilla Cold Brew that was co-created by Tims and Justin Bieber!

Iced coffee

While the Double Double reigns supreme as the most-ordered coffee in the country, the iced coffee at Tims is also a popular menu item you need to try.

Plus, you can customize it however you want it or take it to the next level by trying a secret menu hack from TikTok.

Apple Fritter donut

This was the second most-ordered donut across Canada in 2020 so you know it's worth a taste at least once.

Also, the donut was revamped in 2022 and there are now 40% more soft and gooey apple pieces in the Apple Fritter. If you were on the fence before, it might be time to get your hands on this donut!

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