When it comes to what the best Tim Hortons menu items are, there's probably some debate, but there are a few classics that are must-haves.

If you've tried at least seven of these, go ahead and call yourself a true Canadian — if you haven't, you've got time to try them all!

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Whether you get plain, four cheese or jalapeno, with cream cheese or butter on it, getting a bagel from Tims is a time-honoured tradition.

Iced Capp

This is a classic summer treat that some brave souls even enjoy in the winter.

Boston Cream

This was the most-ordered donut in Canada at Tims in 2020 so you know it's something you need to try at least once.

Double Double

The Double Double is an iconic Canadian drink and was the most ordered coffee at Tims in 2020, but you should try Tims Hortons' coffee no matter how you take it.


Whether you get one on the side of a breakfast sandwich or lunch wrap or just on its own, it's worth a try!

Breakfast Wrap

Tims' breakfast wraps are a popular choice and you can modify your order to make the wrap even more delicious.

Honey Cruller Donut

When Canadians were asked to share their Tim Hortons orders on TikTok, the Honey Cruller was a clear favourite, even though it was only the fourth most ordered donut in the country in 2020.


Seriously, can you even call yourself a true Canadian if you've never had a Timbit? It's a classic treat.

French Vanilla

The French Vanilla is a signature menu item that might be underrated but is still a must-try.

Apple Fritter

This was the second most-ordered donut across Canada in 2020 so you know it's worth a taste at least once.

Iced Coffee

While the Double Double reigns supreme as the most-ordered coffee in the country, Tims' iced coffee is also a popular menu item you need to try.