Here Are The Most Ordered Tim Hortons Donuts Of 2020 In Every Canadian Region

One donut reigns supreme.
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Tim Hortons Donuts: Here Are The Most Ordered Ones Of 2020 In Every Canadian Region

The sweet results are in! Canada's most ordered Tim Hortons donuts of 2020 have been revealed. There are major differences from region to region, but one treat reigns supreme across the country.

The coffee chain has put out stats on the donuts and coffees that have been ordered the most throughout the year.

Coming in at number one for the whole country is Boston Cream, followed by Apple Fritter, Old Fashioned Plain, Honey Cruller, Chocolate Dip, Vanilla Dip, Sour Cream Glazed, Chocolate Glazed, Double Chocolate, and finally, Honey Dip.

Here are the top 10 most popular donuts this year in every Canadian region.

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Western Canada

In western Canada, which includes B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and all three territories, the Apple Fritter donut was the most ordered treat of the year.

Boston Cream, Honey Cruller, Old Fashioned Plain, and Chocolate Dip rounded out the top five.

Vanilla Dip, Honey Dip, Sour Cream Glazed, Chocolate Glazed and Double Chocolate make up the rest of the top 10.

Ontario & Quebec

Just like out west, the Apple Fritter tops the list of the most popular donuts in Ontario.

Boston Cream came in second place as well.

That's followed by Old Fashioned Plain, Chocolate Dip, Honey Cruller, Vanilla Dip, Double Chocolate, Sour Cream Glazed, Chocolate Glazed, and Honey Dip.

In Quebec, the most ordered donut was the Honey Cruller. The province is the only place where that treat took the top spot.

The rest of the donuts on the most ordered list are Boston Cream, Apple Fritter, Chocolate Dip, Old Fashioned Plain, Honey Dip, Chocolate Glazed, Sour Cream Glazed, Double Chocolate, and Vanilla Dip.

Atlantic Canada

While Boston Cream has officially been named the top Tim Hortons donut of the year across Canada, it was only the most ordered one in the Atlantic provinces.

However, it was a close second in all the other regions which is what made it number one.

The rest of the top 10 donuts in Atlantic Canada are Old Fashioned Plain, Apple Fritter, Chocolate Dip, Chocolate Glazed, Honey Cruller, Sour Cream Glazed, Vanilla Dip, Double Chocolate, and Honey Dip.

Did your go-to donut order make the list where you live?

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