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Canada's Most Popular Baby Names In 2022 Are Actually So Different From 22 Years Ago

Apart from one or two names, of course! 👶

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Babies sleeping in hospital bassinets. Right: The Canadian flag blowing in the wind.

Babies sleeping in hospital bassinets. Right: The Canadian flag blowing in the wind.

Step aside, Ashley and Madison! Canada's most popular baby names have changed a lot over the past few decades, and the top names in 2022 are actually so different from 22 years ago.

While many names, such as Olivia and Benjamin, appear to have been popular among new parents in Canada for decades, this is no longer the case for many of the hottest names from the year 2000.

According to ThinkBabyNames, the top 10 Canadian girl names back then were Emily, Sarah, Emma, Jessica, Hannah, Madison, Ashley, Megan, Taylor and Olivia.

Now, 22 years later, the most recent data from Canada shows that only Olivia and Emma remain among the top 10 choices for new parents naming baby girls.

Instead, names like Amelia, Sophia, Aria, Charlotte, Zoey, Mila, Lily and Mia have replaced them to take the overall top spots.

When it comes to boys, only one title has managed to remain in a top 10 spot on Canada's baby name list across the decades.

Back in 2000, Joshua, Matthew, Jacob, Ryan, Nicholas, Ethan, Michael, Benjamin, Brandon and Alexander were the favourites.

Most recently in Canada, it's names like Noah, Jackson, Liam, Lucas, Oliver, Leo, Theo, Jack and Aidan that have become the most popular among new parents.

In fact, Benjamin is the only boy's name that has remained consistently on the top 10 list between the year 2000 and now.

Canada isn't the only country experiencing a shift in popular baby names across the years.

Over in the United States, the name Karen has recently plummeted in popularity. This is the same for names like Willie and Alexa, too.

While these names are becoming less common, others are on the up. For example, the name Raya saw a significant jump in popularity for American girls in 2021, coinciding with the release of Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon.

Gender-neutral baby names are also on the climb in the United States, including ones like Ocean, Morgan and Clover.

Interestingly, although Canada and the U.S. share a border, many of the names chosen for new children are not the same in both countries.

American parents are increasingly choosing names like Julian, Asher, Dylan, Willow, Camila and Penelope, which are not among the most-picked in Canada.

On the other side, Canuck parents are naming their children things like Zayn, Caleb and Miles, as well as Anna, Maya and Madelyn, which are not so well-used in the U.S.

However, some like Amelia, Olivia, Liam and Noah are incredibly popular in both countries — and in many other countries around the world too!

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