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The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2021 Were Ranked & There Are A Few 'Secret' Surprises

You might be meeting a lot more Imogens and Arlos in 2022!

The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2021 Were Ranked & There Are A Few 'Secret' Surprises
Global Staff Writer

Nameberry just dropped its list of 2021's most popular baby names, and the roundup will definitely help if you need a little inspiration.

Nameberry's list is based on the names that got the most page views in 2021, rather than using actual stats from babies that have been born. The site says that's a good way to see which names people are "secretly" researching for use in the future.

According to Nameberry, the top girl's name of 2021 was Eloise, a French name that means healthy, which is an interesting choice of name given the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the top baby boy name was Arlo, which gained enough traffic over the year to secure first place and beat last year's #1 name, Milo.

There were definitely a few surprises, as the list of top 10 girl names saw some newcomers like Rose, Esme and Imogen, pushing out proviso popular names that were on the list like Luna, Isla and Olivia.

Meanwhile, the top 10 boy names replaced Asher, Leo, Oliver and Jasper with Kai, Rowan, Finn and Soren.

The lists provided by Nameberry essentially show the names people were most fascinated with and gives insight into people's favourite secret names, the site says.

For instance, the name Ottilie, the highest-ranking newcomer on the top 100 girl names list, gained traction after YouTube star Zoe Sugg named her daughter Ottilie Rue.

Other names on the list, like Imogen, which ranked at 8th place on Nameberry's list, didn't even make The top 1,000 on the annual U.S. government rankings. That goes to show just how unique these names actually are.

Nameberry also found that names beginning with "El" did very well this year on the site, with names like Elias, Elio, Elodie and of course, Eloise making it on the top 100 lists.

Here is the list of the top 10 girl names:

  1. Eloise
  2. Aurelia
  3. Ava
  4. Rose
  5. Maeve
  6. Esme
  7. Eleanor
  8. Imogen
  9. Aurora
  10. Ophelia

Here is the list of the top 10 boy names:

  1. Arlo
  2. Kai
  3. Atticus
  4. Silas
  5. Theodore
  6. Rowan
  7. Finn
  8. Milo
  9. Felix
  10. Soren
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