Justin Bieber Is Launching His Own 'Biebs Brew' Iced Coffee At Tim Hortons Soon

Timbiebs are coming back too!

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​Justin Bieber holding the new Tim Hortons Biebs Brew. Right: Biebs Brew and Timbiebs.

Justin Bieber holding the new Tim Hortons Biebs Brew. Right: Biebs Brew and Timbiebs.

Get ready because Justin Bieber is launching "Biebs Brew" at Tim Hortons and you can get the Canadian's special iced coffee drink at locations soon!

It was announced on May 17 that following in the footsteps of Timbiebs, the next collaboration between Bieber and Tim Hortons is a co-created spin on cold brew coffee.

During brainstorms between Bieber and the Tims team, the Canadian singer shared that he prefers his coffee iced rather than hot.

So, that led to them creating an all-new flavour of Tim Hortons Cold Brew, which is made with premium Arabica beans and slowly cold steeped for 16 hours.

Not only is the type of drink inspired by Bieber but the flavour is as well.

Tims revealed that he has a slight sweet tooth and loves hints of vanilla flavouring in his coffee so they developed a French Vanilla flavour for the iced coffee!

Biebs Brew officially launches at Tim Hortons locations across Canada and the U.S. on June 6.

In Canada, Tims locations will also have a limited-edition Biebs Brew tumbler that can be used for hot and iced drinks that will be available for purchase while supplies last.

Since Timbiebs were so popular when they were released in 2021, the three new Timbits flavours that Bieber co-created are also returning to Tims locations in Canada and the U.S. for a limited time starting on June 6!

Some locations will even be bringing back limited quantities of Timbiebs merch which includes a toque, a fanny pack and a tote bag.

When those items were first released, people were reselling the merch online for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars.

Someone actually listed an empty Timbiebs box with crumbs for $950,000!

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