Timbiebs Merch Is Being Restocked At Tim Hortons Because So Many Locations Sold Out

People have been reselling merch online and one box was listed for $950,000!

Timbiebs Merch Is Being Restocked At Tim Hortons Because So Many Locations Sold Out
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People just can't get enough of Justin Bieber's Timbiebs apparently and Tim Hortons is restocking the merch because it sold out so fast at locations all over the country.

In a statement to Narcity on December 4, Tim Hortons' chief marketing officer Hope Bagozzi announced the restock and said that they knew it would be a challenge to keep up with the demand for not only the Timbits but the merch as well.

"We know that many restaurants sold out of all their merch very quickly — many on the very first day that Timbiebs launched," Bagozzi said. "We're happy to share that we've given restaurants that have already sold out the ability to order more stock."

Also, she noted that people are encouraged to go to their local Tims again now if the merch wasn't available when they checked the last time.

"While stock of all Timbiebs merch items is very limited, we hope guests will keep trying other Tims restaurants rather than buying off resellers," Bagozzi said.

People have been reselling the limited edition merch items along with the boxes that the treats come in. The fanny pack, toque and tote have typically been listed for between $50 and $80 but some are even $450.

One empty Timbiebs box was listed on Facebook Marketplace for $950,000 while a pair of boxes with crumbs included was being sold for $5,000!

The treats are apparently not only a big hit with fans but also with other celebrities. The Toronto Maple Leafs tried the three new flavours before rating them and Michael Bublé asked Tims to slide into his DMs so they could make BubléBalls or BubléBits.

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