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An Ontario Tim Hortons Drive-Thru Now Has An Automated Conveyor Belt & It Feels Like 2052

A machine will hand you your order.

Toronto Staff Writer
Tim Hortons drive-thru conveyor belt.

Tim Hortons drive-thru conveyor belt.

The future is now in an Ontario town where you can get your Tim Hortons double-double from an automated conveyor belt.

Tim Hortons told Narcity they are testing out a conveyor belt in their drive-thru at a location in Tecumseh, Ontario, just outside of Windsor, where customers can pick up their mobile and onsite orders from a machine.

A video posted to Tim Hortons' Twitter account shows the "conveyor double drive-thru" in action.

Customers can order as usual, but there are two pick-up lanes, and for customers in the second lane, your order will come out of a conveyor belt and pop up right in front of you.

A Tim Hortons spokesperson told Narcity that "the conveyor double drive-thru format allows team members to send a guest's order over the first drive-thru lane so two lanes of guests can be placing orders in the drive-thru."

Tim Hortons' Tecumseh location is the first to try this new technology, but it's not the only experiment Timmies is running in Ontario.

The coffee chain's location at 419 Bloor St. E. in Toronto is testing "a mobile and delivery order walk-up window," which is basically a drive-thru for people without cars.

Walk-up window at Toronto Tim Hortons.Walk-up window at Toronto Tim Hortons.Coutresy of Tim Hortons

The walk-up window will allow customers to pick up their mobile and delivery orders without going into the store or dealing with long indoor lines, according to Tims.

Tim Hortons told Narcity they are even thinking about taking their tech one step further and opening more "double-drive thru lane" formats with one lane dedicated to mobile and curbside pickup orders in the future.

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