Justin Bieber Got A Little Weird In A New 'Biebs Brew' Commercial For Tim Hortons

Starts like a horror movie, ends like a rom-com. 👀

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​Justin Bieber in the Biebs Brew ad. Right: Bieber sleeping while a Tim Hortons employee looks longingly at him.

Justin Bieber in the Biebs Brew ad. Right: Bieber sleeping while a Tim Hortons employee looks longingly at him.

There is a new commercial with Justin Bieber for his Biebs Brew drink and it got a little weird!

To promote the release of the cold brew that Tim Hortons and Bieber co-created, an ad has dropped that almost feels like a mini-movie with the horror and rom-com vibes it gives off.

It's all about Bieber being the last person in the Tims office and pulling an all-nighter so that he can be the one to try Biebs Brew — which is cold steeped for 16 hours — first.

The video starts kind of like a horror movie with a shot of Bieber in a dark room, staring off with a blank expression on his face.

Then, the shot shifts to reveal that he's standing in front of a table with a cold brew steeper on it and Pam, a Tims employee, is coming into the room.

"Not a chance I let someone put their lips on the Biebs Brew before this guy," he says while pointing both of his thumbs at himself, which starts the shift to something lighter.

Bieber sits down in an office chair, puts his feet up on the table and pulls out a neck pillow.

Then, when the Tims employee is leaving, it kind of turns into a rom-com!

Bieber says, "I love you," to which she says, "I love you too. I'm glad you said it first."

When Pam is leaving, she looks longingly at Bieber through the window and places her hand on the glass.

Biebs Brew is the second collaboration between Bieber and Tim Hortons that was born out of the Canadian singer's love of iced coffee and vanilla flavoured coffee.

So, the new drink that they co-created is a French Vanilla cold brew!

Biebs Brew launches at Tim Hortons locations across Canada and the U.S. on June 6.

As a bonus, all three of the Timbiebs flavours will also be coming back to locations in both Canada and the U.S. when the new cold brew comes out.

This isn't the first unique ad the Canadian has done with the coffee chain. When Timbiebs were coming out, Bieber also did another commercial with Tims and he even flexed his French skills.

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