Justin Bieber Flexed His French In The New 'Timbiebs' Commercial & It's A Non From Us (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber has proved that he may not be a complete natural when it comes to speaking other languages after appearing in a new French commercial for his "Timbiebs" collab with Tim Hortons.

On Wednesday, November 10, Bieber and the coffee giant announced that they were pairing up to launch three new Timbits — which they're calling Timbiebs.

The new flavours include Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Waffle.

While they do sound pretty tasty, the 27-year-old's French skills in the commercial are a little less impressive (sorry, Biebs!).

The French version of the ad shows Bieber meeting with a French-speaking Tim Hortons employee, who speaks to him about the possible flavours for the new bite-sized donuts.

The celeb responds with the occasional "ooh," "hmmm" and "wow," sounding a little like all of us struggling in French class.

The commercial ends with Justin announcing the new Timbits (in French) and while he tries his best, you probably wouldn't describe him as a natural.

Timbiebs launch on November 29 at locations across Canada, for a limited time only.

The "Timbiebs" collaboration between Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber is officially here, and another Canadian is apparently feeling a little salty about the snub.

On Monday, November 29, Michael Bublé posted a video on his Instagram having a mini-rant about the whole situation.

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