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Timbiebs Were So Successful That Tim Hortons Is Planning More With Justin Bieber In 2022

The CEO of Tim Hortons' parent company said that he's a "Belieber."

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Timbiebs Were So Successful That Tim Hortons Is Planning More With Justin Bieber In 2022

It seems that people couldn't get enough of Timbiebs, so much so that Tim Hortons is planning on doing more partnerships with Justin Bieber during 2022.

During an earnings call with Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of Tim Hortons, on February 15 about the results for the full year and for 2021's fourth quarter, CEO José Cil revealed what worked at the end of 2021.

Special visits and sales were driven in the last quarter of 2021 by promotions and that included the three new Timbit flavours that were created in collaboration with Bieber.

"Timbiebs, which included exclusive merchandise and three delicious Timbits created together with Justin Bieber, was one of the more successful traffic-driving initiatives in recent memory and outperformed our internal expectations," Cil said.

The CEO also revealed that there are early signs of benefits thanks to the partnership from "unprecedented social engagement" and an increased appeal with young people.

"I'm a 'Belieber,'" Cil said. "You can expect to see more from this exciting partnership in the year ahead."

At the end of November in 2021, Tim Hortons released Timbiebs and you could get the Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Waffle flavours.

The limited-edition treats were so popular that people started selling the boxes and merch online for up to $950,000 and the merch had to be restocked because so many locations had sold out.

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Timbits in December 2021, Tims revealed the most popular flavours during the year and they were Chocolate Glazed, Birthday Cake, Honey Dip, Old Fashioned Plain and Sour Cream Glazed.

When it comes to the most beloved Timbiebs, Canadians were really into the Chocolate White Fudge flavour!

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