TikTokers Are Already Renaming Justin Bieber's 'Timbiebs' & The Suggestions Are Hilarious

BieberBalls, anyone? TikTok users are coming up with new names for Justin Bieber's "Timbiebs" at Tim Hortons and the suggestions are so bad, they're actually brilliant.

On November 10, the Canadian star announced that he had collaborated with Timmies to create three new flavours of Timbits.

It didn't take long for the launch — and the name Timbiebs — to make it over to social media, where creative users began coming up with alternative names for the snacks.


@justinbieber @Tim Hortons JUST SAYING🤷🏽‍♀️ #yescoffeenodecaf #timbiebs

In one video, TikTok user yescoffeenodecaf admitted to being excited by the collab, but said, "All I'm saying is they should have been called Bieber Bits and not Timbiebs. Anyone else agree with me?"

In the comments, someone responded by suggesting, "Just-Tims," while others put forward, "BieBits" and even "JusTim BieBits."

In another clip, TikTok user _benoit calls the new treats "BiebsBalls," "Biebits" and even … "Bieber Balls." Eek!


Reply to @selena.fitz #greenscreen how it’s gunna be fr!!! #timhortons #timbiebs #timbits #justinbieber #canadian #fyp

While the new Timbiebs do sound pretty tasty — Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Waffle — it was the hilarious promo materials that really got the internet talking.

This includes Bieber flexing his French in a Timbiebs commercial (yikes!) and posing with the merch that is dropping alongside the donuts.

Among the products are a fanny pack, beanie hat and a tote bag. Thinking about it, we can see why they chose the name Timbiebs in the end — nobody would want a Bieber Balls bag, eh?

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