This Artist Made A Justin Bieber Portrait Out Of Timbiebs & It's So Dang Canadian (PHOTO)

"I just hope the piece would crack him up."

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This Artist Made A Justin Bieber Portrait Out Of Timbiebs & It's So Dang Canadian (PHOTO)

The Timbiebs obsession is still in full effect across Canada, but one person took a decidedly different approach to the tasty treat.

Toronto-based artist Keenan D'Abreo recently debuted a portrait of Justin Bieber made out of Timbits in honour of the singer's partnership with Tim Hortons, and it's seriously impressive.

After clearing out all of the Timbits from one location, D'Abreo then cut the sweets up and glued them onto a canvas in the shape of the singer's face, while also munching on a few and drinking a Timmies beverage, of course.

"I heard about the Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons collaboration and saw the perfect opportunity to combine my pop art style with the product," D'Abreo said in an interview with Narcity. "I grew up drinking Tim Hortons coffee in Dubai and when I moved here I saw how much the brand was celebrated and how Canadian it was at heart, so that’s what inspired the idea."

Although he's never worked with Timbits as a medium before and admitted he didn't think it would be possible, he has created art with tea, coffee, wine and makeup and said he wanted to try something new.

"Before working on the Bieber piece, I did a much smaller test with some sample Timbits, just to see how they would stay/sit or stick to the canvas and how they aged," he shared. "The texture of the Timbits were super messy to work with, and they would crumble all over, but that just added to the fun of the whole experience."

He also said that the response to the piece has been overwhelming and that it's become one of his most shared posts on social media, for which he's super grateful.

Even the Tim Hortons official Instgram account was impressed, as they commented, "INCREDIBLE," on his post.

"If Justin ever sees the piece, I just hope he’d become a fan of the piece," D'Abreo said. "I know he supports a lot of local artists and is very artistically inclined, and it seems like he loves a good Timbit. I just hope the piece would crack him up."

Although he doesn't have plans to sell this particular piece of artwork at the moment, that may change in the future.

As for his favourite Timbieb? "Although they’re all brilliant, my favourite flavour has to be the Birthday Cake Waffle! It just really hits all the right spots and satisfied my sweet tooth," he explained.

The Timbiebs have been such a success in Canada that Tim Hortons recently had to restock the limited edition merch being sold as part of the collab.

And that's not all — some people have been reselling empty Timbiebs boxes, "crumbs included," for wild prices.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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