Tim Hortons Is Relaunching Two Popular Donuts & They're Getting A Gooey Upgrade

So much more filling! 🍩

​Tim Hortons donuts.
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Tim Hortons donuts.

If you order from Tim Hortons and get donuts often, you'll probably notice that a few classics have gotten a very gooey upgrade recently.

There are two popular Tim Hortons donuts that are now jam-packed with even more filling, aka "what makes them so special," according to the Canadian coffee chain.

Tims wanted to refresh the recipes of the classic Boston Cream donut and Apple Fritter to give the treats a revamp.

Now, there's over 40% more soft and gooey apple in the Apple Fritter and over 33% more creamy filling in the Boston Cream donut, Tims says.

The Canadian coffee chain says that these upgrades are the latest "quality improvements" and Tim Hortons menu expansions that have been made recently, along with the introduction of freshly cracked eggs for breakfast sandwiches, new dark roast and espresso coffees, the availability of oat milk and more.

The Boston Cream donut and Apple Fritter were revealed to be the two most popular Tim Hortons donuts in Canada back in 2020, so it makes sense that the beloved treats would get revamped.

As you notice changes to the two classic donuts, you might also notice a change in how much your order costs soon.

In February 2022, the CEO of Tim Hortons' parent company said that additional price increases are expected during this year because of the costs related to inflation.

No information has been given about how much prices could go up by or which menu items could be impacted.

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