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Tim Hortons Smile Cookies Are Back In Canada & They're Having A Rough 2021 Like We All Are

Some of them have seen much happier days. 😬

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Tim Hortons Smile Cookies Are Back In Canada & They’re Having A Rough 2021 Like We All Are

Across the country, Tim Hortons Smile Cookies are back and that means it's time for the age-old Canadian tradition of having a laugh at the treats when they don't look their best.

People are sharing photos on social media of their cookies when the blue icing eyes and pink icing smiles aren't quite like what's advertised. However, buying the treats and having them look a little different is probably still worth it for people since 100% of the proceeds go to local charities.

It might be Smile Cookie week but not all of the cookies are smiley, as this person found out. They got a sad-looking cookie but said it still tasted delicious.

Someone tweeted a photo of their cookie that had the eyes way off to the side and said, "My smile cookie looked like it was in a street fight."

Another person shared their cookie with a unique design and it looks like this one lost its front teeth!

This cookie has a smushed smile, one eye that has crumbs in it and another that is spread out across its face.

One person got a cookie with eyes that are connected almost like it has glasses on and a smile that also has a tongue sticking out.

While this person's cookie has smushed icing, they're still happy to have the treat.

And finally, this has to be the least smiley Smile Cookie of them all because it doesn't even have one. It lost its smile when it got stuck on the back of another cookie!

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