Tim Hortons Smile Cookies Are Back Across Canada & Looking As Unusual As Ever (PHOTOS)

Canadians still love these cookies no matter what they look like.
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Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week Has Started & The Cookies Are As Unusual As Ever

It's finally that time of year! Tim Hortons Smile Cookie week is here and you know what that means. Canadians from coast to coast are posting photos of their interesting and sometimes unusual looking cookies.

2020 is the 24th year that Tim Hortons has been selling Smile Cookies to help local charities.

This year, you can get your hands on the sweet treats until September 20.

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All of the proceeds from each cookie sold will go to more than 550 local charities in the communities where the Tims locations are.

Last year, $9.8 million was raised during the week these were available.

You can get them at Tims locations across the country right now for just $1 plus tax.

They're chocolate chunk cookies with blue icing eyes and pink icing smiles on top. While that sounds simple enough, the designs don't always go as planned.

Seeing how Smile Cookies turn out is actually an annual tradition for some Canadians.

That's continuing this year with people posting photos of their misshapen and unusual cookies on social media.

Even Tim Hortons got in on the fun on Twitter with a video that showed off some of the messed up sweet treats.

"Not every smile is perfect, but every smile counts," the coffee chain said.

Here are 17 social media posts of interesting looking Smile Cookies.

Big Eyes, Big Smiles

These people got a little more than they bargained for with these cookies that have lots of icing.

Winged Eyeliner

This particular cookie is a little bit fancier than it's buddy. It looks like it has winged eyeliner on!

Interesting Jawlines 

We all have different face shapes and jawlines so it only makes sense that Smile Cookies reflect that whether it's a strongly define v-shaped jaw or a flat head.

One-Eyed Monsters

Sometimes icing can get a bit runny especially if it's put on a hot treat so these people got some one-eyed cookies.

Wobbly Smiles

These unsure smiles feel like an accurate representation of 2020.

One Eye Bigger Than The Other

Sometimes one eye is bigger than the other. That's life!

Heart-Shaped Head

Ontario Premier Doug Ford went out to get a Smile Cookie on the day they launched and show his support. His treat is in the shape of a heart!

Missing Smile

This cookie is missing part of its smile. Maybe it lost its two front teeth?

A Third Eye

This one looks like it has three eyes instead of two thanks to an extra dollop of blue icing.

Face Mask Covered Smile

The ultimate nod to 2020. This cookie has its smile covered by a face mask.

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