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Canada's Fall Forecast Just Dropped & Toasty Temperatures Are Expected Almost Everywhere

It's going to be a long, warm fall! 🍁🍂
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Fall is on the horizon, but there’s good news ahead. Canada’s fall forecast just dropped and the season is expected to be much warmer and milder than usual. Even better,  it’s expected to remain pleasant until November in some regions, which means winter is still a long, long way off!

Despite a harsh introduction to the season in some areas, it seems Canada’s fall conditions may actually be pretty nice this year.

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A new report from The Weather Network has detailed exactly what we can expect over the coming months, and it sounds like we’re in for an extended period of warm and toasty weather.

However, before you break out your sunscreen, it’s worth checking exactly what’s predicted for your region.

For residents of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, things are looking good for the season ahead.

The Prairie provinces can expect “extended periods of mild weather for October and November” with average temperatures overall.

While a few sneak peeks of winter weather will still come through, locals can look forward to a delayed start to winter. Sounds promising, eh?

For those in Quebec and Ontario, “extended periods of pleasant fall weather” is on the horizon right through until November.

Locals can expect higher-than-average temperatures and a gentle introduction to winter, too. Lovely!

Things are also looking good in Atlantic Canada, where “above normal temperatures are expected to dominate the fall season.”

While occasional tastes of winter will come through during October and November, that consistent cold weather will stay away for longer than usual.

The amount of rain is expected to be normal-ish, but residents should be prepared for some tropical storms and hurricanes to roll in.

Unfortunately for those who call British Columbia home, it’s not all good news.

While a warm and dry September looks promising for the season ahead, things will change from October onwards.

Central and southern B.C. can expect more rain than usual, as well as cooler temperatures and even more snow. Yikes.

In The North, fall conditions are looking pretty normal.

Higher-than-average temperatures will be seen in western Yukon, but southern parts of the Northwest Territories and southeastern Yukon are going to get as frosty as ever.

While some Canadians will be holding on to their sunglasses, others will be pulling out their skis a little earlier than usual.

Either way, the new season is just around the corner!

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