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Vancouver's Getting So Much Snow This Winter That You Might Have To Push The Bus Again

Sounds like Netflix weather. 😳
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Vancouver's Getting So Much Snow This Winter That You Might Have To Push The Bus Again

You may want to start bringing out those winter clothes of yours. Vancouver’s winter weather forecast has been released and needless to say, it doesn’t look warm. Officials are calling for a large amount of snow and rain so soak up the warm weather while you still can. 

We’ve been pretty lucky to have a relatively spicy summer in B.C. this year. 

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But one of the hardest lessons to learn is that everything eventually comes to an end. 

The winter forecast for Canada has been released and it looks like it’s going to be a little extra snowy and rainy in B.C. this year. 

If you’re reading this, head outside and take the sun while you still can. 

While this snowy and chilly season may still be a few months away, the Canadian Farmer’s Almanac has released the long-range winter forecast in order to get us all ready. 

This year, they're calling it the “winter of the great divide” since some areas of Canada will be dry and others will experiencing everything horrifying under the sun. 

For all us B.C. residents, expect to experience “much colder than normal” temperatures. 

While they do not specify what the temperatures will be, data provided by the Government of Canada claims that B.C. has average winter temperatures of around -2 C to -12 C. 

So get that winter coat out. 

Having a chilly winter has become pretty normal for us when you consider how cold it got last year but the cold weather isn’t going to be the only thing coming our way.

We can all expect a lot more rain and snow. 

Thanks to the incoming storms from the Pacific, B.C. can expect to see a “heavier than normal” doses of rain. 

Snow is also going to be in our forecast more than usual as higher than normal amounts have been called for. 

Saskatchewan and Alberta will also be seeing similar weather patterns so at least we aren’t alone. 

Honestly, this weather is pretty on-brand with how things have been going recently.

At least it’s the perfect excuse to stay inside and start that new Netflix special. 

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