BC's Winter Weather Forecast Looks Brutal As La Niña Expected To Bring 'Abundant Snowfall'

It's good news for skiers!

Western Canada Editor
BC’s Winter Weather Forecast Looks Brutal As La Nina & Another Polar Vortex Are Predicted

The winter forecast for B.C. has been released and it's a whole lot of snow.

AccuWeather's forecast predicted that B.C. is going to be extra chilly this year, and we have the weather phenomenon La Niña to thank for it.

A La Niña phase occurs around every three to five years, and the forecast said that this "will likely send temperatures falling even lower than they do during the average winter," for the western half of Canada specifically.

B.C. has already seen snowfall, but it's just the start.

The forecast predicts stormy weather for B.C., with lots of rain and heavy winds near the coast. Vancouver should be prepared for "far more rain than usual," according to the forecast.

It might be good news for skiers though.

"Abundant snowfall is expected throughout much of ski country from the Coastal Range of British Columbia through the Rockies of western Alberta," said the forecast.

Bad news for snow enthusiasts further north though, with snowfall quantities actually expected to be "lower than average in northern British Columbia and Yukon," said the forecast.

According to the forecast, La Niña's "frigid ripple effects will mix with the harsh cold unleashed by blasts from the polar vortex." This is in contrast to Ontario, which is expected to be surprisingly warm this winter.

Sounds like if you're living or travelling to western Canada, you're going to need a few extra layers this winter.

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