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​A Tornado Touched Down In Vancouver This Weekend & It Looked Seriously Chaotic (VIDEOS)

A tornado swept through parts of Vancouver on Saturday, November 6, and the videos from the unexpected event are pretty shocking.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), the tornado uprooted trees and caused power outages across the region, and at the time, people were advised to seek shelter immediately.

TWN said that an event like this is "ultra-rare" and that thankfully, there haven't been any injuries reported as of yet.

Xsong | YouTube

In the video below, you can really see the formation of the tornado off in the distance.

This person captured the scene of the apocalyptic-looking situation from inside their car:

"That is insane," one person exclaims in the video below before super-heavy rain starts to fall. "I've never seen anything like it," said another.

Kevin Adams | YouTube

And the aftermath of the storm was also pretty intense with fallen trees blocking roadways.

Unfortunately, more bad weather is on its way to B.C. starting on Sunday night, with more wind, snow, and rain coming this week.

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